Utilica FM started as a greenworld focussing on swimming pool construction and maintenance, we have competed 15 years and now we are active player in facility management services. We take very seriously our role as a community leader, and we actively seek opportunities to give back to the communities where our customers and our employees live and work.

Environmental Impact

Utilica FM strives to minimize its footprint on the environment by making strategic decisions that enhance our services while contributing to the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities. We have our Green Clean program, which includes maintenance services, training, professional processes, certified green products, and equipment. We are committed to having a positive impact on the environment and we recognize that “going green” is a positive business decision for our customers.

Living Green

At UtilicaFM, team takes their commitment to environmental responsibility seriously — on and off the job. Green processes. Green products. Green-conscious people. At UtilicaFM, being “green” is more than a management philosophy — it’s a way of living — and it shows. At every level and in every process, UtilicaFM takes its role as environmental steward seriously. As an industry leader in supporting environmental issues, Utilica works to minimize environmental impact and reduce its global footprint through finely tuned, efficient manufacturing operations. By developing energy-efficient products that require fewer resources and that offer increased recyclability and lower emissions, UtilicaFM helps customers get serious about protecting natural resources, too.

Besides the enforcement of engineering measures and management controls, Personal Protective Equipment, as per need of the operations are provided. UtilicaFM awareness among employees is created and sustained through regular training programmes.