Disinfection cleaning & fogging services

Our trained and experienced teams are covering antiviral infection control cleaning as well as fogging services across the UAE. Disinfecting and fogging your premises if very effective and by using us to provide you with this service

You can be sure that:

  • 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria will be killed (Including Covid-19)
  • Return to your premises after an hour.

Our disinfection cleaning process includes:

  • A thorough combination regime of manual surface deep cleaning followed by full chemical fogging.
  • All high impact touch-points are manually cleaned by hand followed by fogging of the entire area.
  • The highest medical grade disinfection products are used in our cleaning.

Our services can be delivered in different methods such as:

  • Wipe downs – Our cleaners will wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant solutions.
  • Fogging – Using the fogging method our specialist cleaners will cover all surfaces within the space/confined area
  • Spraying – This method involves applying a fine mist of disinfectant on all the surfaces.

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IAQ – Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air inside and around structures and buildings. It is represented by thermal conditions and the concentrations of pollutants which affect the comfort, health and performance and work ability of occupants. It has been pointed out in studies that indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air. People`s exposure to many air pollutants is due to indoor air inhalation as most of the time is spent indoors by them. According to the report by WHO one third of the new buildings around the world are not fit for human use because of indoor pollution. Thus indoor air quality IAQ inspection must be done.

Major sources of air pollutants are:

  • Pollen, skin particles, dust.
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in varnishes, wax, pesticides etc.
  • Formaldehyde in most of household products and building materials.
  • Tobacco smoke, body odors, perfume, carbon dioxide.
  • Dust mites from fabric, carpets, foam chair cushions.
  • Ozone from electric motors, photocopiers and electrostatic air cleaners.
  • Microbial contaminants as Fungi, bacteria, moulds from stagnant water, damp areas etc.
  • Inadequate or poorly designed ventilation systems may give rise to indoor air pollutants.

Indoor air quality assessment is very important as poor indoor air quality may lead to headache, irritation of skin, nose, throat, eyes, fatigue, allergies, sinus, nausea and many other problems. In most buildings the primary methods of improving air quality are filtration, source control and the use of ventilation to dilute contaminants.

With years of experience in indoor air quality monitoring sector Utilica provide indoor air quality testing services which includes monitoring of both particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. We provide a complete solution for the overall improvement of your indoor air quality. Every client of ours will be taken through a process of inspection, monitoring and indoor air quality IAQ assessment and logical steps will be recommended by us. Be safe and healthy !

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