One of the main parts of your security guard’s duties and responsibilities is to detect and prevent fire. Your security guard should always be on the lookout for fire hazards – regardless if they’re operating on a fixed point or on patrol. They need to watch for common things that are likely to generate a fire.

HVAC systems maintenance and cleaning is an important part in FMS

Utilicafm maintenance and clean the dust, allergens, dirt, mold, chemicals and other contaminants that collect in a building’s HVAC infrastructure is out-of-sight, and all too often out-of-mind.

Pool Operations – Managing the Pool and Facility

Utilicafm is expertise in Pool Operations Management, a term used to describe the management and operation of a full pool facility, sometimes referred to as an aquatic facility.

Landscaping Your Backyard? 3 Reasons To Add a Small Swimming Pool

The best time to add a pool to your backyard is when you’re already planning on landscaping, and the reasons for this are -Backyard Will Already Be Cleared

Slow the Spread of Covid 19

To get a full understanding of how facility managers have an impact on the situation, how proper maintenance of an HVAC system can help slow COVID-19 spread in a commercial building.

Advantages of a Safety Management System

In today’s era, any business can be prone to accidents or various danger threats. A safety management system is beneficial here. However, now, agencies who are offering to help with a safety management system are more popular.