One of the main parts of your security guard’s duties and responsibilities is to detect and prevent fire. Your security guard should always be on the lookout for fire hazards – regardless if they’re operating on a fixed point or on patrol. They need to watch for common things that are likely to generate a fire.

Given the uncertain and insecure times we live in, while deciding where to stay, the first question often is “How safe is it?”, “Are the people I am engaging with really trustworthy?” Also, one of the main reasons why many people prefer to stay in a gated society vis-a-vis an independent house on a plot, is the security services it provides.

The threat to security isn’t just limited to physical security. Advancement in technology has further led to faulty data privacy. While filling up online registration forms and applications one is often left wondering whether my vital information such as, home address, contact number and other personal details are safe and if they are accessible to any miscreants. Here is also where facility management plays a vital role. Let’s see how;

“There are trained guards stationed at the gates who ensure the security of the entire society, this is managed and planned by the facility management company that is a part of the society.”

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